Being one of Toronto’s most desired and exclusive residential neighbourhoods, Lawrence Park offers a balance between large residential lots, retail space, and TTC accessibility, all situated in a tranquil setting. The shops, restaurants and schools that inhabit Lawrence Park are generally all located on major routes, including Yonge Street, Lawrence Ave, and Bayview Ave, allowing the neighbourhoods residential side streets to remain free from street traffic and noise.

Real Estate

The houses in Lawrence Park were predominantly built between 1910 and 1940, featuring various architectural styles, including, Tutor, Georgian and English Cottage designs. Many of the houses feature solid hard-wood flooring, wood trims around the door and window frames, decorative fireplaces. Being and exclusive, and thus expensive neighbourhood, homes tend to sell anywhere between $2 million and $4 million, sometimes even exceeding these prices. Since Lawrence Park houses many good schools in the area, buyers tend to be well.-establish family units. While some boutique condominium buildings can be found in the neighbourhood, it remains primarily occupied with spacious, detached homes.

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Lifestyle & Recreation

This uptown neighbourhood offers a good balance between urban living, and tranquil park space.It features various retail spaces, restaurants, boutique stores, and spa & wellness facilities geared towards local residents.

The main outdoor source of recreation in the neighbourhood is Lawrence Park itself—a park space that has three tennis courts, a lawn bowling club, a ravine, and most prominently, Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens. First built in 1933, these picturesque gardens feature a decorative gate, rose gardens, multi-tiered flower beds, and many oak and willow trees throughout.


Much like it’s neighbouring Lytton Park, Lawrence Park’s desirability is, in part, linked to its proximity to exceptional schools. Having a large number of families in the neighbourhood is largely due to this.


All areas of Lawrence Park offer accessible transit options, being walking distance to either Lawrence subway station or bus routes.  Bus routes run in various locations, specifically, along Yonge St, Mount Pleasant Ave, and Bayview Ave.  

Driving is also an easy and viable commute option.  Both Yonge St and Mount Pleasant Ave offer relatively easy access to downtown, while the Highway 401 is only about a 5-10 minute drive north of the neighbourhood. 

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