Leslieville is one of those unique downtown neighbouroods that still manages to exude a community feel while being within the city limits of the concrete jungle. The small village ambiance in Leslieville is characterized by its snug homes, tree-lined streets, tons of green space, and cute shops. 

The neighbourhood of Leslieville has gone through extensive revitalization over the recent past, making it one of the most chic communities in all of Toronto. Abandoned buildings and homes in need of some serious TLC have now been replaced by loft buildings, renewed homes, trendy restaurants, sweet-smelling cafes, opulent clothing shops, and plenty of fitness studios.

Bordered by the railway tracks to the north, Eastern Avenue to the south, Coxwell Avenue to the east, and Carlaw Avenue to the west, Leslieville has become a highly sought-after community in all of Toronto.


Real Estate

The older Victorian row houses of Leslieville are located along and south of Queen Street, all of which were constructed in the late 1800's. These are some of the smallest homes in the city. In fact, some of them are so small that they rival the square footage of your average condominium.

North of Queen Street is the next wave of homes built in the early 1900's, which include semi-detached homes and bungalows. These homes - and the lots they sit on - are larger than their older southern counterparts, and eventually, lead to the detached homes of neighbouring Riverdale. Leslieville has become the site of many loft buildings, which are considered some of the best in Toronto. These work-live buildings attract all sorts of residents, especially the artsy type looking for something unique to call home. Many of these mixed-use buildings - which feature street-level commercial spaces with residential units on top - are pretty popular among real estate investors.

Lifestyle & Recreation

Leslieville offers that small-town feel while still being in the middle of one of the busiest and largest metropolises in the continent. Residents appreciate the community atmosphere while enjoying all the conveniences of being located close to the city centre. In fact, residents tend to know each other, and they are very supportive of local businesses.

Queen Street offers residents plenty of shopping opportunities and is the main shopping strip in the area. Along Gerrard Street East from Greenwood Avenue to Coxwell Avenue is what locals refer to as the "India Bazaar," which caters to the city's large East Indian community. Eateries offer authentic Indian fare and the clothing stores sell wonderful silk textiles.

There are also plenty of bars, pubs, and bistros that offer lively atmospheres that keep the community's nightlife alive and bustling.

For those who love staying active, Leslieville's Greenwood Park features three baseball diamonds, an ice rink, a pool, and a children's playground. The Jonathan Ashbridge Park also has two tennis courts, a wading pool, and a playground, while the S.H. Armstrong Community Recreation Centre has a gym, a pool, and a fitness room.


There are plenty of schools for children in the area, including several alternative educational options. Some of the schools in the area include Leslieville Junior Public School, Bruce Public School, Morse Street Public School, Duke Of Connaught Public School, St. Joseph Catholic School, and Equinox Holistic School.


Leslieville has a healthy walkability score, making it easy for residents to get around and access amenities on foot. Commuters also have the Queen Streetcar to take advantage of, which is the most heavily used TTC route in the area that residents use to get to the downtown core. There are also several bus and streetcar routes along Carlaw Avenue, Greenwood Avenue, Coxwell Avenue, Eastern Avenue, Queen Street, and Gerrard Street.

Additional Information

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