Use These Colours When Staging Your Home


Plenty of factors play a role in home staging, and colour is one of them. The colours that you choose can make a big difference in how users perceive your home. If you pick the wrong ones, you'd be doing your listing a disservice.

The thing is, you shouldn't be picking colours that necessarily appeal to you. Instead, the colours you pick are more geared towards appealing to future buyers. You might love electric purple, for example, but that doesn't mean that all buyers will necessarily feel the same. And they probably won't.

So, which colours work best in your home when staging it for the market? 

Why Are Neutral Colours So Important For Home Staging?

Before we dive into the colours that work best for home staging, it's worth explaining why neutral colours should be used when staining your home over bolder, trendier colours. 

While you might be able to appeal to the tastes of a buyer or two with very bold colours like bright orange or green, you will probably have much better luck attracting buyers and appealing to the masses by using neutral tones. By decorating with neutral and soft hues, you'll have more success attracting more potential buyers. This, in turn, can lead to a faster sale. 

Prospective buyers prefer to see homes that come with a clean slate, which makes it easier for them to imagine themselves living in the home and how they would decorate if they bought the place. Picking neutral colors for the walls and then incorporating pops of bolder colour with furniture and artwork will work better to showcase your home in a more attractive light and create a space where buyers see themselves living.

Creamy White

The ultimate neutral tone, white works in just about any space. But the exact shade of white matters. You don't want a white tone that is too stark, as this will only make a space feel harsh and uncomfortable, somewhat like a hospital or doctor's office. You also don't want to pick a shade of white that looks too warm either, as this can be perceived as old paint. 

Instead, the perfect white has a creamy look to it. It's not too warm nor too cold, and provides the perfect neutral backdrop for any of your decor. From there, you can build upon this neutral with other colours in the room without making the space feel too overwhelming in bright colours. 


You can easily create some drama with charcoal. This is certainly a dark colour and might be a bit bold for many homeowners, but it can work wonders as a neutral. Some people might not even consider charcoal as a neutral colour, but it works really well for this purpose. 

If you're a little hesitant about using charcoal on your walls, consider using it only on one wall to serve as an accent wall. And if you're planning to incorporate metallics and yellows in your space, they'll work really well with a charcoal backdrop. It can also go well with an all-white décor or as a backdrop to a statement piece of art. 


Grey is a great complement to just about any other colour and provides a perfect backdrop for brighter colours, letting them stand out. It's a very sophisticated hue and happens to be very trendy these days, both for home staging and interior decorating. 


"Greige" is a combination of grey and beige. More specifically, greige is more of a grey with a beige undertone. It's a great option for just about any space because it can add some brightness to a room while bringing a sophisticated element to it. It's also a much better option than beige, which is a much more boring colour and should probably be avoided when staging a home for the market. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to home staging, colour certainly matters. Rather than opting for all of those eclectic tones that you might be fond of, you might be better off painting the interior walls of your home in any one of the above-mentioned neutral colours to appease buyers and get yourself a solid offer sooner rather than later.