How to Sell your Home if You've Got Pets

Pets are like part of the family. And when it's time for you to move, they'll obviously be going with you. But selling your home with pets can be a bit of a challenge. More specifically, ensuring that your home looks and smells nice when prospective buyers come to visit is where the difficulty lies. After all, animals are not exactly known for helping to keep homes neat, tidy, and smelling fresh.

So, if you've got a furry friend at home, you'll want to take steps to make sure that your home is prepped appropriately and ready to make a good impression on all buyers who walk through the front door.

Here are some tips to help you successfully sell your home with pets.

Patch Up Any Signs of Damage

Perhaps you've left all those scuff marks on the floor, scratch marks on the walls, or chew marks on the corners of your tables.  Maybe they never bothered you before, but now that your home is up for sale, you don't want any potential buyers to be thrown off by all the damage that your beloved pet may have caused.

Before you take your first photo of your home's interior, be sure to make any necessary repairs. While this might cost you a bit of time, money, and elbow grease, it will be well worth the effort when your home is in show-ready condition. 

Get Rid of Obvious Pet Odours

Pets are super cute and cuddly, but they also have a tendency to smell bad. You might not even notice the smell as a result of being present in the home for so long. But you can bet that anyone who comes into your home will notice the smell right away, no matter how faint or strong it might be. 

Before the first guest arrives, be sure to eliminate any foul odours from your home that are caused by your pet. Consider having your upholstery and carpeting cleaned professionally. Light a few scented candles. Get rid of any objects that might carry the smell. You'd be surprised at how turned-off buyers can get when a home smells funny, no matter how nice the interior might look.

Remove Pet Toys

Your pet might have a habit of leaving toys all over the place, but these things need to be put away before you host showings. Not only do these toys hold bad smells, they're also pretty unsightly, especially if they're all chewed up and covered in slobber. Any pet clutter should be removed.

Remove Cat Litter

At no point should you leave cat litter out for potential buyers to see. If there's anything that's a major turn-off, this would be it. 

Clean Up the Yard

If you let your pet relieve itself outside, make sure to clean up your yard. And be sure to clean up any damage that your pet may have caused outside, and put away any toys that your pet may have free reign to outdoors. When selling your home with pets, never neglect your yard, as this is just as important to buyers as your home's interior. 

Take Your Pet With You at Showings

It's never advised to leave your pets in the home when there's a showing going on. You're likely going to vacate the premises when there's a showing, so take your pet with you. There are a few reasons to do so.

For starters, you don't know who's afraid of animals and who isn't. You don't want your cat or dog walking around while a buyer is trying to check out your home. Even if your pet is kept in a kennel, their presence could still be enough to freak some buyers out.

Another important reason to take your pet with you is to keep them safe. You don't want buyers to have the responsibility of making sure your pet stays indoors while they're scoping out your home. Buyers could inadvertently leave a door open, only to give your pets the opportunity to escape. 

Do yourself, your pet, and buyers a favour and take your pet with you during showings. 

Final Thoughts

Selling your home can be a big endeavour, and selling with pets can make the process even more of a challenge. But having your pets under control and ensuring your home doesn't give off any signs that pets have taken over is absolutely critical to properly staging and prepping your home for the market. To ensure a successful listing, leave your home in pristine condition and keep your pets in tow.