The Value of Home Staging


The way that your home is viewed by prospective buyers on the prowl for a home matters a lot. In fact, the appearance of your home can make a massive difference in the length of time that your home sits on the market and on how much of a selling price it can command. Buyers are often willing to dish out more money on a home that looks better and appears to provide them with the lifestyle they're looking for compared to homes that don't.

Believe it or not, the same home can sell for much higher and in a shorter amount of time when it has been professionally staged. There's plenty of evidence out there that proves that staged homes sell faster and for more money. In fact, it's been suggested that staged homes spend 73% less time on the market and sell for anywhere between an extra few thousand to a few tens of thousand dollars more than unstaged homes.

We believe so highly in the benefits of Staging that we provide it as a service to ALL of our listing clients.




What Does Home Staging Do For a Listing?

Home staging involves a lot more than just decorating a space. Instead, the goal is to help draw an emotional connection between buyers who are looking in the area and the home itself. It's that emotional connection that matters when it comes to enticing buyers to put in an offer on a home. Without that draw to a home, buyers are less likely to be enticed to want to buy.

Whenever we stage a listing our stager studies the area and the type of buyers who are looking in that specific location to gauge what they want in a home that they inevitably purchase. Our stager then comes up with an exact plan as to how they furnish and decorate a home in order to draw the attention of these buyers and thereby maximize the number of people who may be interested in the home. 

It's important for sellers to understand that home staging is completely different from interior decorating. While interior decorating is all about appealing to the tastes of the homeowner, home staging is focused on pleasing the buyers. 

It's not uncommon for homeowners to dislike what stagers have done to their homes in an effort to attract more buyers, but that's OK. What matters is that the home's decor and style reflect the needs and tastes of the buyers rather than the sellers. That's what will make the home sell faster and for more money. Sellers need to keep an open mind about what home stagers are doing, as it can benefit them greatly when all is said and done. 


What is Involved in Home Staging?

As mentioned earlier, home staging is all about trying to attract the specific pool of buyers that are currently looking in the area that the subject property is located in. It's all about selling a certain type of lifestyle that buyers are looking for, which will help to create a strong emotional connection that will entice buyers to submit a sizable offer. 

Typically, home staging involves neutralizing a space in order to ensure that it is more attractive to a larger number of people. For instance, neutral grey walls will likely be more attractive to a larger number of buyers compared to bright orange wallpaper. Your home stager will likely recommend that you give your walls a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour, especially if your current walls are outdated or won't be well-received by buyers.

De-cluttering is also a significant part of the home staging process. Any items that are not conducive to a clean and sophisticated look should be either put away or tossed in the trash. Too much clutter can take away from the look of a home and can actually make it harder for buyers to see themselves living there.

Sellers would also be encouraged to de-personalize their homes, which means putting away family photos or religious artefacts. De-personalizing a space will better help buyers visualize themselves living in the home and calling it their own.


The Bottom Line

The value of home staging cannot be underestimated. Selling real estate is an expensive endeavour, but the profits can be increased by selling for more money. The expenses can also be reduced by limiting the amount of time the home sits on the market, thereby reducing the amount of carrying costs incurred. 

When selling, be sure to team up with a seasoned real estate team, and don't forget to have your home professionally staged to help sell your home faster and for top dollar! Contact us anytime, we would love to help