8 Ways to Make Your Home 'Smart'

Technology has taken over just about every aspect of our lives, including our homes. In fact, "smart" homes are becoming increasingly common these days, and more and more savvy buyers are looking for homes that can be classified as such.

Whether you're beefing up your home to get it ready for the market or are simply looking to make your home easier to operate, here are some ways that you can turn your home into a smart one.

1. Smart Lock

Every exterior door in a home obviously needs to have a lock system installed for safety purposes. You clearly don't want to leave your home vulnerable to anyone making their way in uninvited, and locks do a relatively good job of preventing this. But you can now have a smart lock installed in your exterior doors, which allows you to unlock and lock the door whenever you feel the need, right from your smartphone or tablet.

If you've left the house and realized you forgot to lock the door, you can lock it remotely. You can even let your significant other in the house if they've forgotten their keys, and remotely unlock the door. 

2. Video Doorbell

It's nice to know who's knocking on your front door before you decide to answer it. While you can always count on a peephole to see who's on the other side of the door, that would require you to make your way to the front of the house. And if you don't want to answer the door, the odds of people hearing you approach the entrance are pretty high. 

If you don't want people to know you're home or are simply in the middle of something that makes it hard for you to go see who's ringing the doorbell, you can use a video doorbell which lets you check out who's at the door through the use of a video. You can even speak to your visitors before answering the door. Even if you're not at home, these systems take a shot of the individual every time the doorbell is pressed. 

3. Smart Lighting

Gradually brighten the lights in your home every morning as you wake with the help of smart lighting technology. These handy systems also allow you to turn your lights on and off at set times, as well as re-create the type of light from any image on your smartphone thanks to the use of a savvy dropper tool.

4. Smart TV

 You don't need an android box or Apple TV box to gain access to things like Netflix, YouTube, or even any one of your favourite social media channels thanks to the likes of smart TVs. These sophisticated televisions give you the latest in all of these internet tools and apps without having to get up off your sofa. 

5. Self-Regulating Thermostat

Programmable thermostats have been around for many years now, helping homeowners regulate the temperature in their homes. They can be set to turn down during the day when you're at work, then turn back up when you come home for the day. But nowadays there are self-regulating thermostats which don't rely on your specific programming to get the temperature just right. 

These programmable thermostats actually learn your schedule and program themselves. They can also be controlled from your smartphone.

6. Smart Appliances

Any appliance in your home - including your microwave, toaster, and even your coffee machine - can all be operated remotely thanks to savvy applications. Simply control any item that's plugged in right from your smartphone or tablet. 

7. Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You can make sure that your home is free of smoke or carbon monoxide with the help of phone apps that alert you if there is ever anything detected in your home. If the pot on the stove starts to smoke or the carbon monoxide started to build up, you'll be alerted by your smartphone.

8. Smart Plug

Not only can you turn off appliances from your smartphone, you can even cut off their electrical supply right from the source. There are now apps available that actually turn the power off at electrical outlets, so if you've got anything plugged into them that you'd prefer to have the power cut off, simply tap on the app and the outlet will stop sending electrical current to your small appliances.  

Final Thoughts

Thanks to technology, there are dozens of ways to turn your house into a smart home. Use any one of the above ways to "smarten" up your home to get it ready for the sophisticated buyers out there looking for a smart home!