Should You Buy House With A Pool? Consider These Things First

For many people, having direct access to their own private pool in their backyard is a huge plus. This is especially true for families with kids who love the idea of being able to frolic in the water on hot sizzling summer days.

Of course, not everyone is a fanatic for pools. But those who are may insist on only looking at homes with swimming pools when they're on the prowl for a new home to buy.

If you're one of those people, you're in luck, because there are plenty of homes with pools in the GTA for your perusal. If you were planning to install one yourself, you won't have to go through all the hassles that come with pool installation, not to mention the cost.

But before you take the leap and purchase a home that features a swimming pool in the yard, make sure you take a few things into consideration first.


Your Heating Bill Will Go Up

There are costs associated with operating a pool, and that goes beyond just buying new pool accessories or having to replace pool filters on a regular basis. With a pool, you can expect your utility bills to go up during the months that it's in use. You'll need electricity to fuel your pump and filter, and let's not forget the cost associated with heating the pool water.

All that can add up, and depending on the size of your pool and how warm you like to keep the water, the costs can add up pretty quickly. That said, the rise in your utility bills will only be short-lived and are only affected during the months that the pool is in use.


You'll Have to Take Safety Into Consideration

When it comes to swimming pools, safety always comes first. This is especially true if you have young children in the house. If the pool isn't already outfitted with safety apparatus, the first thing you should do is tackle this issue. Install a safety fence around the perimeter of the pool if it doesn't already have one, or if your yard is rather large.

Place locks on gates and doors leading to the pool, and consider installing sensors that detect when someone has entered the pool water. And of course, make sure everyone in the family knows how to swim or has started to take lessons.


There's a Lot of Maintenance Involved

Pools are wonderful amenities to have at your disposal, but they're not just something pretty to look at. If you want to make sure that the pool water is clean and the system is functional, it will require some degree of maintenance. That means you'll have to get familiar with what it takes to maintain the pool and dedicate some time on a regular basis to keep the pool operational.

The water chemical levels will need to be checked, the pool walls and surrounding hardscape need to be cleaned, and the pump and filter will need to be checked on. Of course, there's always the option to hire someone to do this for you, but that would be another cost that you'll have to add to the mix.


Your Insurance Premiums Could Go Up

While not a major increase, it's possible that your insurance provider will inch up your premiums just a bit if you have a pool. Of course, you'll want to inform your insurance company that your home has a pool in order to cover any issues that may occur. This type of liability coverage could increase as a result of a higher risk of accidents that are associated with the presence of a swimming pool.

The insurer will be placed more at risk, and will likely pass on that risk to you in the form of a slightly higher premium.


Final Thoughts

If a swimming pool is an absolute must-have on your list of needs when you are looking for a new home to buy, make sure you communicate that with your real estate agent. Just keep in mind that there are some considerations you should make before you decide to buy a home with a pool. 

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